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GamesRadar is the next generation of video games websites. It's different - take a moment, look at it. It's innovative and bold and explosive and challenging and loads of other marketing words. GamesRadar is all about gaming. It's all about playing games and shouting about games and reviewing games and saying they're brilliant or trash and everything in between. GamesRadar is a truly global site. GamesRadar is new. GamesRadar is genius. Nothing like it has been produced before.

GamesRadar offers the highest quality video games coverage on the web. GamesRadar is about games, not the games industry. GamesRadar is about video gaming for everyone. No jargon, no insider jokes, no baboon-brained 5000 word previews of puzzle games. Just the fun and excitement of the modern gaming experience. With the finest writers and only the very best images and movies, GamesRadar is the primo online showcase for global games and gaming.

You'll get bleeding-edge news, previews, reviews and features on the newest, biggest and best games. GamesRadar is, after all, about the stuff you like. It's about the wail of metal as two cars crash. It's about rocket launcher splash damage tearing half your face off. It's about ripping an evil wizard's spine out with a rusty hook. It's not about which video game corporation is buying a 72% share in another video game corporation. It's a briefcase free zone.

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