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At our heart, we are all about Wiki. And wiki is all about a community working together. Collaboration is a nice word, but what does it mean to you? What does it mean to us?

Collaboration is AboutUs. All of us working together towards a common goal. That goal is your success and our success is ours. We, the royal we, need you for the success of you, AboutUs and others.

We know we don't have all the answers. We understand that you don't have them either. By working together, we hope to find paths towards mutual success and understanding. And that's where you come in. Your knowledge, ideas and questions are valuable. To you, to us, to others. We're always looking for people to help us think, decide and learn. Everyone has something to add, and we want to hear it! We're always looking for people to help out. You might not think you have much to offer, but we know you do!

October 2010

Thursday the 28th
Carol from makes us smile:
Many thanks for the changes and the re-formatting! I'm loving this!

September 2010

Friday the 24th
Gopinathan had these kind words in response to his welcome message
I did indeed like, with its clean layout and clear purpose.
Wanda thanks Drew
Thanks Drew for fixing my page...Im So NOT computer literate...
Pete said this:
I really appreciate the opportunity to tell the world about my sites - Cheers and Kudos!
Walid made this suggestion for improvement:
Where can I go to edit the social media search information ie - currently the link is searching for a domain in the social media realm....I'd like to remove the .com from the search parameter? ie - the search is returning no results for; however, if the .com were removed the results would populate for twitter, reddit, youtube and flicker
  • We are taking this idea into consideration for future consideration.

Thursday the 23rd
Steve had this to say:
I appreciated your recommending changes to our web site to improve our rankings. I have spent time and money to maximize our rankings. And your web site provided more recommendations.

Tuesday the 21st
Ken, webmaster for several websites:
I've been pottering about trying to get some websites working for a while now and am only starting to make headway in some aspects since I came across

Friday the 17th
Gerd asked this question in regard to our New Layout on DomainPages:
Is there any way to create new pages in 1000% pure wiki? I was hoping to just apply a copy & paste job and replace a few sections. I also found that the 100% Wiki gave me more flexibility in creating different sections and not be restricted to a standard template.

Wednesday the 15th
DrewMyers discovered this great comment by Claire Bone
I have found the very helpful in improving 2 of my websites. One of my sites increased page views by 300% and the other by 500% by the corrections I made after using the analysis of my pages. Thank You

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