What is wiki?

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A wiki (like AboutUs) is a special type of website that allows visitors to edit and expand the wealth of its content. But it is much more than that, it is a way to work together to build knowledge, things and connections. A fundamental value of wiki is People, People, Technology, People.

Wikis are structured from the start for participation. Editing a wiki is far simpler than modifying a typical website because doing so does not require HTML skills. Typically, editing a wiki page is just a matter of clicking the edit button on any page top or section header. You can write whatever you want, so long as it's constructive and adds to the next reader's experience.


Ward Cunningham.jpg

Ward Cunningham, the inventor of wiki, wanted to be able to quickly and easily share his ideas with colleagues over the internet. He decided to use the term wiki, which is Hawaiian for quick. Ward knew that there would be thousands, maybe millions, of other pages to link to, not just a few dozen. His big improvement was to make it much easier to link to internal pages than by using HTML. Instead, users could write links in CamelCase and more recently like [[this]]. Today, hundreds of thousands of people create wiki pages.

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