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Almost completely unrelated to web site publishing.. but Amazon is now selling groceries on their site, deliverable anywhere. If you have an urge for Orville Redenbacher’s Natural popcorn or some Zesty Italian dressing but can’t be bothered to get out of your chair head over to Amazon.com.

Think Napster was a racket? It turns out when you buy their songs from iTunes you are also ripping them off… “For The Almans’, that works out to $24,000 when taking Nielsen SoundScan data of 538,000 Almans’ songs sold as downloads since mid-2002.” Where did the other $532,620 go? Apple and the record label.

“Of 133 advertisers who control over $20 billion in advertising, 78 percent feel TV advertising’s potency has declined since 2004. When DVR penetration gets above 30 million households, 24 percent will cut their TV ad budgets at least 25 percent. They’ll reallocate that money to online and other channels. More than three-quarters will invest more in Web advertising; almost 70 percent will spend on SEM”

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