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The Target story began way back in 1962 in Roseville, Minnesota with a shop. Target ushered in the era of discount retailing holding hands with trendy merchandise. This combination completely changed the shopping culture. The first shop is the prototype of all the shops opened till that date. Today the idea has caught on globally. Shopping is no longer a tedious journey of going to and fro different addresses lugging a shopping bag. Now everything is under one roof. No time for even that? Then just click on line and sit back! The stuff will be at your doorsteps in no time. If you can spare a little bit more of time then a curio or a tasty tidbit from the other corner of the globe will be yours for the asking.

The Website

The best part of all about Target is the welcoming environment – whether on the shop floor or on the web. The web seems to talk to you. Click here or there and you will be in first-person touch with friendly personnel of Target. Time is no factor. It is like a river that never stops flowing. Just dip in and feel refreshed. The Target departmental stores will seem to the customer like a dream come true. It is the price – the reasonable competitive prices that attract millions to the Target address.


Target has set up till date about one thousand five hundred outlets in forty-seven states. This figure includes one hundred and seventy five Super Target stores. What does Target target? Today these super-duper shopping fantasies include upscale grocery sections, photo processing corners, pharmacy counters together with food avenue restaurants, in-store everything for the baby, deli, meat and produce sections.


Become a Red Hot shop fan of Target and avail of unlimited opportunities and facilities. It is all about quick sizzler type fix gift. Clubb Wedd and Target baby services are all about special one’s registry where you order gifts in minutes. Confused and intrigued about all this? Just click on and ask to know. is all about information where you can sit and read at the nearest Target shop.

Target is about other key business programs also. Target commercial interiors target your office interiors and give it the cool plush look of success. retail web sites will take you on an adventure shopping tour – while sitting before the Net. Then there are Target Sourcing Services and Associated Merchandising Corporation. Target is all about being trendy – being trendy not just locally but globally. You pick out your right choice of merchandise from anywhere around the globe. Looking for money deals or worried about investments? You will find the answer in Target Financial Services. Find out Target’s Red Card Program.


Target is something much more than business and services. It has a philosophy – a philosophy laced with values. Target connects business with the community. It is all about affordability when it comes to price. Target knows how fiercely individual we all are because Nature meant variety to be the spice of life. Thus on the one hand there is the global aspect and on the other there is the heritage of each particular community. Target respects each and all. Browse through Target and you will find just the item grandmother talked about half a century ago. Target has not allowed the culture of the world to get lost – rather it has preserved it on its shelves.

Social Responsibilities

Target is proud about its contribution to the general welfare of society. It not only supports the arts but its team members compete with each other to make donations Since 1997 Target has contributed $200 million to the cause of better schools. Target is in partnership with Tiger Woods Foundation. 5% of its pre-tax benefits have been given for good causes.

The Target story does not end here. The latest awareness is all about environment and Target is not left behind. It recycles shopping carts, donates extra left over stocks, and cuts down on energy consumption by about 70%. The pages of the book on Target are still white and Target goes on writing, leaving its mark on the history of business and of mankind.


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