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Bed Bath and Beyond


Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc. took form in 1971 and now operates a chain of domestic products that retail in stores all across the United States. The company features domestic merchandise from medium to high quality products: products for the bedroom, the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. Bed Bath & Beyond is now one of the fortune 500 companies and the company's head offices are located at 650 Liberty Avenue, Union, New Jersey 07083. The company mostly retails better quality domestics and furnishings.

Bed Bath & Beyond is a combination of good service and a vast array of items at low prices on a daily basis in a shopping environment that attracts customers through fun and excitement. BBB also operates Harmon Stores, a store for health and beauty care products, and also The Christmas Tree Shops.

One Store for All Household Items

Bed Bath & Beyond, also known as BBB offers customers everything they need in their homes. BBB is now the number one superstore in domestic retail in the country, with more than 800 company stores across 46 states and also in Puerto Rico. On the shelves of BBB shoppers can find items in two distinct categories: domestic (kitchen or bathroom items, linens) and furnishing for the home (small appliances, cookware, cutlery and more). The permanent low prices attract the attention of shoppers more than occasional sales. This is why the company adopted form of advertising consists only of mailings, circulars and word-of-mouth. The company now grows with more than 70 new superstore opening per year.

Shopping Online

Browsing the Bed Bath and Beyond products on the company homepage can be time saving but also fun. Products are organized under distinct categories in order to speed up the selection process, but visitors can also shop for a particular brand or a specific keyword or a product description. Product pictures and descriptions are also available for a complete shopping experience.

The BBB website also comes in handy if you want to locate a company store near your location. A store locating feature allows you to find the closest BBB superstore with great ease.

Navigation through the Bed Bath and Beyond website is very easy and quick, the design is very logical and intuitive, everything is where you would expect it to be.

Pop Culture

The leading position in the home furnishing industry has attracted attention on the Bed Bath and Beyond brand, making it a part of the American culture. Reference to the superstores can be found in the modern pop culture. This is mostly due to the popularity the stores have earned over the years through a constant presence, a diversified product line, low prices and the personality filled shopping experience.

The BBB name appears in many movies, songs, television shows and even animated sitcoms. Many of the jokes originate from Beyond part of the superstore name.




110 Bi-County Blvd
Farmingdale NY 11735 US


Bed Bath & Beyond Procurement Co. Inc.
+1 908 688 0888, Fax: +1 908 688 5886

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