As a LivingSite, AboutUs grows each day, engaged in a process of constant expansion from your input. The growth is organic, grass-roots, and rapid-paced, not to mention exciting. As a result, we embrace subjectivity. We want you to tell us about your experience, without three footnotes... We rely on the input of our vast, knowledgeable community to arrive at the Truth.

A Dynamic Environment

A LivingSite is not without it's challenges: dynamism predicates unpredictability -- no one can predict the result of this world-wide creative endeavor. But the questions fascinate us: What new interests and knowledge will the community bring today? How will our view-points bridge and how will they conflict? What sort of truth can we arrive at through open and honest exchange? Ultimately, what can we create together?

Responding to Change Constructively

Change necessitates acceptance. As a part of a dynamic community, we follow the tenets of MoralDiversity and IncludeEveryone. Without respect for our fellow community-members, we cannot build a CommonGroundForAll.

How to Contribute to our LivingSite

  • Join us!
  • Build your own PersonalPage and tell us about yourself.
  • Contribute to the Commons.
  • Watch your page take on its own life.
  • Encourage others to join and contribute their own ideas and opinions.

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