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Freewebs is a global online community of web publishers. Since 2001, over 15 million websites have been created using our free, easy to use, and do-it-yourself Site Builder. According to comScore Media Metrix, Freewebs is among the top 150 most trafficked websites in the world. Our mission is to enable people everywhere to converge all of their site building, web publishing, and digital sharing needs into a single and unified "web presence."

What is a Web Presence?

We define a web presence as: "An individual's media, videos, pictures (mobile & otherwise), music & audio, websites, blogs, social network, emails, chat, etc. stored, published and accessible by internet enabled devices, anywhere in the world."

Pioneers in the Industry

Since 2001, Freewebs has been pioneering and defining the Web Presence space and our experience has been one of our competitive edges. We remain focused on generating the best possible experience for our users. Our in-house customer support staff allows us to closely interact with our users on a real time basis. In fact, many of our best product features have been the direct result of suggestions from our loyal members.

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