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logo for is a service that helps people create free websites and blogs. makes it possible for you to place pics, videos and all the things you want to include in your personal site. In addition, you can also meet new people by visiting their websites and see those who share common interests with you. Features

On the topside of this page on you can access the websites section. Here, you will find a thorough description of what you can do with, what advantages does it offer and lots more. You can sign up, and you are just a few clicks away from having a great personal site that all your friends can visit.

Enter the Photo section on, and find out what you can do with your photos, how to put them on your website, create albums, add titles and comments. You can personalize your pics on by adding some background music that will play whenever someone accesses your albums. You can also restrict the number of people who have access to your pics. Choose whether your pics are just for your friends' eyes, or simply display them to anyone at - Create Your Own Blog

Are you a blog fan? You can create a blog section on your own site through Write your journal, thoughts, comments, ideas or even poems and set them up on your address. You can create blogs on several topics, and other people can join your blog section as well. - Get A Profile

On your website, you might want to have a profile. Choose how people will be able to see you. You can put a picture of you, or you can create a cartoon that looks like you. On your profile, you can also include your hobbies, and a few lines about yourself, so that other people can get to know you better. You can also access other people's profiles and find friends. You can add friends to your profile, and you can also send them instant messages using If you lack inspiration, you can import other existing profiles from other sites.

In the Widgets section on, you can take a look at some of the free add-ons. Open the ShoutBox and get connected to other people. You can include your own videos, or import some of your favorite videos from YouTube. You get access to various free games on People can rate your site and you can read what others think about your personal website. You can also see how many people have visited your site by enabling the Counter. - Meet New People

You can also access other people's websites on They are listed on the main page organized by different topics: Arts, Autos, Family, Games, Music, Travel etc, so you can visit those you might be interested in.

See who’s online, by looking at the right hand side, where there are several profiles on a pile of pics. is a great website making it possible for all people to have a website for free. This website is also helping people get in touch with each other.

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Great Service I've made two sites and put them online a few years ago and and have never had a problem or down time. I think it's wonderful to have such a free service.


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Great Service. I have multiple free websites with freewebs and also Google top rankings for the sites thanks to the ease and freedom they offer you to make your free website exactly how you want it with no intrusive ads. Indian Wedding Horse being just one example. - "Really horrible"

Really Horrible. They really push and emphasize the "sell stuff on the web with a "free" website..." angle and sadly, many people wind up very very screwed.

My intentions were not to sell things via the web, but sadly again, I wound up screwed also.

I Paid (or rather overpaid) for an account in Feb. of '06. They offered only one upgrade package from their free (read ad plagued and VERY slow to load) one at that time.

I made a site and liked it, so I wanted the ads gone.

That one available paid upgrade from a free site included much useless stuff like picture resizer (merely a link to a free site that resized your images for you) and other more "premium tools" as they're called which are just more free things available elswhere on the web like counters and LOTS of google free stuff (calandars, clocks, scheds, etc.). Well I paid for all the free stuff along with the usual stuff like ad removal, a multi file uploader (as opposed to the "single file at a time" kind like all free sites) and some additional webspace and bandwith. Bandwith is limited on a monthly basis. When it's gone - it's gone, and your website is gone too. Nice if you're trying to do business right? Well that's where they'll get you if you're trying to run a business.

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