StatCounter.jpg is an invisible web tracker that allows you to get detailed reports regarding the traffic to your website. This is a very inexpensive yet impressive tool that will help you make advertising and business decisions based on this information. Are you getting plenty of traffic to your website yet consumers are stopping on a particular webpage and not making a purchase? These reports will show you this information allowing you to take a critical look at specific issues so that you can make changes to improve your sales volume.

From these reports you will learn about the keywords consumers are using to find your website, the most popular web pages you offer, and the links used to reach your site. If you find some links just aren’t working then you may wish to change your advertising there or simply stop advertising in that location. This is the very same information that high dollar web design consultants provide. You will get it from for free!

How does the process work?

You simply add coding to your website. Consumers don’t even know it is there. It is absolutely invisible and you won’t find any advertising for it appearing on your website. Best of all you can monitor the visits to your website in real time. The software is very reliable and fast to install. The information you will have access to includes log size, a counter option, summaries, entry pages, exit pages, the length of time consumers are spending on your site, information on the geographic location visitors are from, ISP statistics.

No Standard fee!

You can get all of this free of charge. There is no catch, it really is free. The service is provided to assist online businesses manage their traffic flow. However, you will need to pay if you choose one of the upgrade options. You will also have to pay if your web page uploads are more than 250,000 per month. The cost is very minimal those as up to 1,500,000 is $9 per month, 7,500,000 is $19 per month and more than that will cost you $29 per month. The objective of is to break even each month not to make a profit so they keep your costs very minimal.

Customer Service

You will find the customer service support team at StatCounter to be very efficient and friendly. You can contact them by phone or email with any questions or concerns you may have. They also encourage you to contact them with any comments or suggestions you have to make their product work better for you. is continually working to improve the system to make it faster and more efficient.


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+353 1 4100 658 (Ireland)

User Forum

The user forum is another wonderful location to get excellent advice and tips for using StatCounter from other e-business owners who are currently using it. Find out first hand how it has helped them turn their business into a very profitable venture. You can read the various customer comments on the website to find out exactly what is so appealing about what StatCounter is offering. If you have more than one website you will have the ability to manage them all under the same account. This is great if you want an easy way to compare data from one site against another.

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