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The story unfolds in 1997 when Dave, the founder of, was working at a website and needed a guest-book. He discovered that there only few services were available. Even these were not quite up to the mark – either difficult or limited in scope. He was searching for a simple guest book with all the features. It is this search that triggered him to create the first best interactive, fully customized site with tools that could be remotely installed. It was handy for webmasters at all levels of skill. Since then the staff at BraveNet is continuously adapting and changing to grow along with the needs of the time.


Since its inception the principal goal of Dave has been to make available free web tools that would be of the very best standard. A decade has slipped by and the sun continues to shine for BraveNet. Globally BraveNet is the best provider of web tools that are free. It ranks among the 50 most visited sites. There are more than 7 million registered members. 20 million visitors can avail of a product each month from BraveNet. The story does not end there. More and more tools and services are being introduced to ensure that BraveNet continues to hold its rank across cyberspace. The success story is intimately linked with BraveNet’s interaction with its members.


BraveNet provides fast and dependable service that is easy to customize.

The web-hosting package is free with five hosted domains. It is supported by advertisements. BraveNet is the site to visit to find out how you can increase traffic at your website. There are tools and options galore to take your pick. Partners of BraveNet come forward with tools that are great – build a tool bar, accept credit cards, add SMS to your website etc

BraveNet has multiple online properties – you can add a guest book to your site for visitors’ comments, host your online discussions with message forums. For beginners, there are easy-to-use pre built templates to help build websites. It is easy to add a classifieds section, conduct trade on your site and allow visitors to buy and sell things through your website.

Then one can get people’s opinions with the help of a quick web poll, maintain a mailing list to send newsletters etc to subscribers. The best fun of all is to be able to easily create own animated speaking characters. To make the website more interesting add a daily dose of horoscopes, introduce a new cartoon character daily, host live news on your website and have a section which gives tidbits of history.

A hit counter will be able to track the traffic on the site. You can also prevent certain pages from being viewed with the help of password protection Add a calendar to your website for public scheduling so that you never forget an important event again- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc. You also have email reminders for visitors and their guests! A search tool bar can be added to help your visitors find what they want easily. Install a tell-a-friend section that helps visitors promote your site by referring it to their friends immediately. It will be possible to conduct live chats with visitors with interesting chat-rooms while at the same time also upload and share photos online for others to see.

Create your own blog or online diary, add email forms to your website for visitors to fill up and also conduct a multi-question poll and conduct your own postcard service with e-cards. You can also keep a FAQ service for the visitors convenience and shorten your web address to make it more easy for visitor’s to visit your website.

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