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It’s fast approaching the tenth anniversary of the 99th Floor Elevators so a bit of a history lesson. Firstly the 99th Floor Elevators are the Euro dance project started by Derby born ex-rock vocalist and freelance music journo and fanzine editor, Adrian Fusiarski.

The first Elevators track, ‘Ice’ was spliced together on an Atari ST and Casio FZ-1 sampler at Beat Base studios in Wood Green, London with engineer/genius Aldwin Johnson pulling out all the stops to fit everything onto the massive four meg memory computer. ‘Ice’ was a veritable audio quilt of sonic theft, with half inched vocals, Miles Davis on horns and En Vogue on backing vocals amongst others! ‘Lead vocal’ was from house diva Rowetta (later of Happy Mondays/X Factor infamy).

The exact same ‘Soul On Ice’ vocal was used over ten years later on Steve Lawler and King Unique’s much heralded ‘Souls On Ice’. Signed to Production House , ‘Ice’ never got a full release (it was given the PNT 055 catalogue number which you will find scratched into the run out grooves) though gained the Elevators first radio air play from Steve Jackson at London Kiss FM’s legendary ‘The House That Jack Built’ show, and a healthy buzz chart placing at DJ Magazine. The track re-appeared on Invader Records only to sink without trace along with its distributor Great Asset.

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