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This website was set up by Kisi , whose full names are Kisito N. Futonge , for the purpose of helping teachers of English as a foreign or second language. Kisito began his career as a TEFL teacher when he first taught English as a second language to students of Francophone Cameroon.At that time he experienced all the difficulties of a green-horn in the profession. However, after 6 years of teaching English at home and abroad Kisito acquired a rich experience that transformed him into a resourceful TEFL asset.Teaching in China was his greatest challenge because he had to teach in a culture that was altogether different. During this time Kisi blended several theories of TEFL with practice and in so doing developed many creative ideas. Later he would blend theory and practice to come up with several teaching ideas and materials for others. Along the way he would also fall in love with modern technology and incorporate simple and sophisticated computer-assisted lesson plans in his teaching. This explains why he is the author of hundreds of state-of-the-art PowerPoint presentations and ESL worksheets that are are found on this site. Kisi 's TEFL teaching experience also put him in touch with a number of good teachers who were ready to support his efforts in building and hosting this site. The following teachers have contributed significantly to the support of this website. They are friends and colleagues Kisi served with during his years abroad as TEFL teacher. Kisi is also grateful to Charles Kelly of The Internet TESL Journal- who continues to give constructive suggestions to the site.
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