ExtremeTracking.com is an Amsterdam, The Netherlands-based visitor tracking service

Extremetracking.com is a web site that has been created so that other web site owners can see how many people are accessing their web site and a lot of other useful information about the visitors. This service is very useful for a lot of web site owners who want to make statistics about their online businesses, to see if they managed to get the interest of the people who they targeted in the first place or if they need to make some changes. These changes may be needed in order to satisfy the need of other categories of online users that they have been ignoring before. This web site is also very useful when you want to see if your online business is making progress or is going to be profitable. It may not seem very important for some people, but for people who are investing a lot of their time and money in an online business it is quite vital to have a lot of information about how people are using the site. Some of the things that may be of interest are what the demand is, if the offer is varied enough or if it is even interesting to people at all.

How to register

In order to register to this web site and use the services that it provides you need to access the site and make sure you correctly fulfill the form that is provided for you right there on the extremetracking.com site. All the information you will give while filling in the form it is needed by extremetracking so that they can register your tracker. You may rest assured that the information will be used only for your own account and that none of your personal details will be made public without your permission. After you have successfully registered with extremetracking.com you will have to wait for their confirmation that usually doesn’t take more than 24 hours to be granted. After your account has been confirmed you have to take the necessary steps in order to be able to use this service. You will be provided with all the information and support that you may need.

Tracker Data

After you have created your own account on extremetracking.com, you will be given a unique code that you will have to use on your web site in order to be able to collect all the information you need about your visitors. This will empower you to make all kind of satistics regarding your traffic and business profit. However, you should note that the same way as we respect your personal information, we will also respect your visitors’ and that is why no personal data about them, such as names or e-mail addresses will be tracked.

Cookies and Third Parties

It is very important for you to understand that extremetracking.com is not using any cookies and thus your work and personal information is not going to be endangered. You are free to erase your account at any time you want to. Extremetracking.com is also working with worldpay that is taking care of the billing process as far as the non-public tracker is concerned. The worldpay policy is offered on the extremetracking.com.




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