CeilingDoctor.com offers cleaning and repair services for ceilings

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Excerpts from the web site:

  • Acoustic ceiling cleaning and repair since 1985.
  • The cleaning and restoration specialists for commercial, industrial, retail, and restaurant ceilings, walls, and carpets.
  • Acoustic ceiling cleaning service by Ceiling Doctor saves up to 85 percent of the price of replacement.
  • Ceiling Doctor uses exclusive equipment, products, and procedures to achieve the best possible results for you.
About our 20th Anniversary
  • To fit with your schedule and hours of operation Ceiling Doctor can work weekdays or evenings, as well as weekends.
  • Every Ceiling Doctor crew includes a professional supervisor to focus on your complete satisfaction.
  • Ceiling Doctor crews are careful, courteous, and covered by WSIB.


Ceiling Doctor helps commercial, retail, and industrial businesses, in Toronto and area, with specialized cleaning and restoration requirements for the following interior surfaces:

  • suspended acoustic ceiling tiles
  • t-bars
  • air diffusers, air return grilles
  • light lenses
  • painted drywall
  • stucco
  • open decks, beams, and pipes
  • smooth and textured vinyl
  • ceramic tile, brick, pebble
  • marble, travertine, polished stone
  • concrete slab and block
  • painted drywall
  • carpets
  • vinyl and fabric office partitions
  • vinyl vertical blinds


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