Tag for when users/community members have nominated a page to be featured. It's also used for making changes/notes to that process in the discussion section.

Adding to FeatureMe Discussion

Things To Keep In Mind

Here are some tips on adding to discussions on potentially featured pages.

  • Be constructive and encouraging.
  • If possible, make a link between the wiki page (or domain owner) and an existing or possible portal.
  • Leave a personal message on the domain owners talk page
For Example:

PresentationSkills.info featured discussion

This page has some potential. I think a little bit more info and perhaps a picture or two such as you have on your site would help fill the page more. Also, a little attention to the keywords so that those links are not red would be helpful! Those all seem like they could be great future articles and you might find a home for them in the portals.. Check out Portal:Entrepreneur Education and Portal:Writing Lab this may give you some more ideas on how to disseminate some of the great information you have in mind and listed at your site! I'll make sure to check back to see the progress! Great start! --DaughertyBw 11:22, 20 September 2007 (PDT)

Establishing Constructive Suggestions

Here are some things to examine on the potentially featured domain page.

  • Is there still only bot information added?
  • Is there a problem with the template or domain box?
  • Is there a logo?
  • An explanation of services?
  • Product pictures?
  • Testimonials?
  • Are there any unique features of the domain that may not be listed?
  • Are there any red links on the page if so, are they something of importance and something that will be edited/added in the future?
  • Do the categories apply to the domain page, can they use pruning?
  • Is there an overuse of links or pictures? (Perhaps suggest a gallery or external links section)

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