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IncludeEveryone in the context of wiki, is a commitment
  • to exchange (sometimes even conflicting) points of view or better
  • to find a common ground, bridging different interests or best
  • to find ways to collaborate (sometimes even as coopetition)

Rather than polarizing the world into pros and cons, dismissing difference of opinion and interests, wiki has a built-in mechanism to explore the hundred and one options between yes and no and find new friendly and constructive solutions, where all involved participants can prosper.

No one can whistle a symphony. Any great work requires a community, a team dedicated to accomplishing its goal. By going out of our way to engage and include others, we can build something great and have a better time doing it.

In the words of the Spanish Priest Baltasar Gracián, "The path to greatness is along with others" (although he might have said it in Spanish...).

Perhaps he might even have said: "The path to greatness is along with others, excluding nobody"

Why is this important?

In AboutUs everyone has a voice and we listen to each other not to just the ones that shout the loudest. Sometimes the greatest wisdom comes from those who speak the quietest or who do not often get to express their views.

Sometimes there are opposing points of view and the AboutUs community wants to hear them all. Not because we are spoiling for a fight but because we live in a multifaceted world where there is no ultimate right or wrong, truth or lie.

Seeing the world from many different angles gives a better picture of what the world is really like, which may not always be the way we would like to see it. We live in a very complex world, but none of us lives in complete isolation. Each of us is interlinked with one another, regardless of the differences in our colours, creeds and cultures. When we begin to interact with one another and understand what links us as well as what separates us, only then will we begin to understand just how complex our world is?

What should you do?

  • When you read something which you strongly disagree with or you feel is wrong:
    • Do not immediately delete it
    • Consider the point of view of the writer
    • Ask for further clarification
    • Write an alternative viewpoint to accompany the first opinion
  • Policy provides a way to encourage behaviors that are in the best interest of Aboutus without requiring individual staff members to sit in judgement of others

Why is it important to EmbraceDiversity?

If we all looked the same, dressed the same, ate the same food, spoke the same language and had the same likes and dislikes, what a terribly boring place the world would be. It is our diversity that gives colour and life to the world we live in. That surely should be celebrated and valued.

  • Not judging people
  • It's not my place to decide your morals and interests for you
  • Policy provides a way to encourage behaviors that are in the best interest of aboutus without requiring individual staff members to sit in judgement of others
  • Community not sit in judgement of others
  • Are we Internet policemen?

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