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The weblog is an attempt by AboutUs to fuse the traditional weblog format with wiki, where posts can be contributed, edited and collaborated by everyone. This is inspired by's WeblogControlledByWiki and recently by BrianKerr's excellent piece on Weblog Window Shopping.

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The wiki-weblog idea is still in its infancy (as is the implementation). Right now, we're using a WordPress format to make posts to the traditional weblog (for the RSS feed), while posts are often written and vetted on the main AboutUs wiki at Weblog/PotentialPosts. Over time, we plan to integrate the weblog with the main website even more to allow for a richer set of community contributions.

If you have an idea for a weblog post, go ahead and add it to the Weblog/PotentialPosts page, or drop MarkDilley a note for more information on how to help. If you want, check out the Resources page for ideas.

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