is a place to chat about communities, both online and offline.


Welcome to the CommunityWiki! This is a jam-session. We talk about communities both online and offline: Management, teaching, conflicts, mediation, and some tech talk mostly about tools used for online communities.


The principal of microcontribution: people should be able to make a small contribution to discussion or decision-making on an issue (rather than being forced to either contribute nothing or to pledge tons of time to it).

In decision-making, this allows a broader spectrum of people to be represented in the decision. ...


We need to collaborate.

As of 2007, collaborating online is far more difficult than collaborating face-to-face. So there are 2 things we need to work on:

  • Setting up places where people can come out of their cocoon and collaborate on educational and cool stuff
  • Improving online collaboration.
  • both

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