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Washington University in St. Louis was one of the first to realize the importance of adult education programs both for basic learning in the areas of reading and writing but also by offer the classes at non-traditional times including the evenings and summer programs. It has a reputation for being dedicated to meeting the needs of the working class who is committed to working towards the degree of their choice. They offer Bachelors and Masters Degree programs in liberal arts, professional avenues, and lifelong learning programs that may or may not be classes where students can earn credits.

Many of the programs at Washington University have received top billing in comparison to other colleges in the Nation. They continue to provide quality programs and they are also one of the most affordable schools available.


The Washington University opened in 1854 with mainly evening classes to accommodate the needs of part time students. The program began with 90 male students who were factory workers with some basic skills. More than half of them were immigrants from Germany, Ireland, and England. By 1923, more than 2,000 students were enrolled each year. By 1948 that amount had increased to over 8,000 each year.


In addition to the college curriculum being flexible enough to meet the needs of the students, many people choose to enroll because Washington University in St. Louis offers one of the best educations possible in the area at the lowest tuition costs. Overall, the undergraduate program at Washington State University in St. Louis is ranked #12 in the Nation. The medical program is ranked 4th in the Nation in regards to the area of research and the School of Social Work is in 2nd place Nationwide.


Washington University in St. Louis was established as school for those who aren’t able to complete a traditional college routine. Most students attend part time in the evening and there are many summer courses offered. It remains a very popular college for adults today who want to earn their Bachelors or Masters Degree in a variety of subjects including the Arts, Business, Education, and Music. The first Bachelors program was introduced in 1859.

There are seven different schools to choose from at Washington University in St. Louis including the School of Arts & Sciences, the School of Law, the School of Business, the School of Medicine, the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. All of these different schools offer students a variety of programs to choose from in their area of interest.'

Student Body

The college is very open to a diverse student population. Those wishing to attend must hold a valid high school diploma or the General Education Diploma certificate. There are a variety of courses that are open to everyone and some that require acceptance into a graduate degree program.

The school offers students the opportunity to join more than 200 different organizations that cover a variety of interests. The large campus operates each different school of study like a spoke on a wheel so that students can become an important part of the program they are studying under.






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