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GeoCities was a free web hosting service by Yahoo which offered people a virtual arena to build community, groups and develop their personal websites. GeoCities' price (free) and its easy-to-use tools for developing websites made it popular.

GeoCities Shut down

Yahoo! announced that if users of Geocities do not upgrade their website to their paid hosting service, Yahoo Hosting ($4.99/mo) by October 26, 2009, their Geocities account and websites would be deleted. No one is allowed to make a free Geocities account any longer, and Yahoo does not intend on opening this up again in the future.

According to the Wikipedia article about GeoCities, the GeoCities web hosting service is now available only in Japan.


GeoCities began as a web hosting and development company in 1995, and was acquired by Yahoo! in 1999. In 2001, the free web hosting at GeoCities was limited to 4GB as Yahoo! introduced a paid web hosting service. redirects to and states "Sorry, GeoCities has closed." The site points to other parts of Yahoo, with an emphasis on Yahoo! Web Hosting.




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