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The University of Wisconsin has been one of the top ranking colleges since it started in 1848. It continues to serve the students and community well even into the 20th century. The latest teaching techniques and technology are used to ensure students get a solid foundation to build on.

Even though is has the largest campus with the most students enrolled of all in the Nation, it continues to provide a personal perspective for each and every student. Those who attend the University of Wisconsin know they are very fortunate to have such an exciting opportunity.


The University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin is a well known research University that was established in 1848. The school is based on the Wisconsin Idea concept, meaning that the influence of the University of Wisconsin is felt in every home in the state of Wisconsin. This belief continues to be a foundation for the University still today.


The University of Wisconsin is rated one of the best schools in the Nation, and it is placed 8th for their research programs. This is a very prestigious ranking when you consider the competition in that area. The University of Wisconsin as a whole ranks as one of the top Universities in the Nation. They are currently 11th when you consider the combined scores of academics, student research, public service, and social factors compared to other Universities and Colleges.


Students can earn a Bachelors, Masters, PhD, or Professional Degree from the University of Wisconsin in a variety of disciplines including Law, Medicine, Nursing, Education, and Engineering. The curriculum is very intense with both practical and clinical practices taking place. This ensures students are well rounded and ready to enter the work force upon graduation.

Student Body

The University of Wisconsin is a very large campus with more than 40,000 students in attendance. In fact, in recent years, it has become the largest campus in the Nation. More than ½ of those attending are female, which is a shift from the enrollment status of past decades. Students from all over the United States and other countries compete each year for enrollment. The decision for acceptance is heavily weighted based on the student’s previous academic achievements. 89% of those in attendance were in the top 20% of their high school or Undergraduate program.

There is a very diverse population at the University of Wisconsin, a fact that they are very proud of. To further instill respect for cultural diversity, the University offers Multicultural education programs and activities.

Students at the University of Wisconsin are very active in government and politics including some controversial rallies and protests that took place from 1966 to 1970. Many of the protests had to do with the various chemicals being used in the Vietnam War.

Media Attention

The University of Wisconsin has a wide variety of competitive sports with the football, soccer, and basketball teams frequently being identified in the news. They have participated in the Rose Bowl and other high profile sporting events over the years. Their men’s and women’s hockey teams both took the spotlight in 2006 when they won the championships.





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