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comment by Asad Mahmood Butt

Edit your Website's Page on

Hi there, I noticed that you've recently edited page on I'm wondering if you'd be willing to edit this page further and add more useful information to it. I'd also like to point you to our DoFollow policy. Could you please add more information to this or any other website's page you're interested in and then drop me a line so I can change its links from NoFollow to DoFollow? The page should contain at least a one-line summary at the top, contact information and a brief description of the website.

You can also take a look at the Site Report and Web Presence Analysis sections of the page, to see how your website looks to the search engines and to learn about its popularity on various social media websites. Please feel free to join us on Twitter and Facebook to see our latest articles and resources for website owners. Best, Asad | *~talk~*

comment by Asad Mahmood Butt

Hello Ellie. Good to hear from you. Can you also add contact information for the company to this page? Let me know when this is done and I'd be happy to change links on this page to DoFollow.

Do you think the edits made by the User "Sunlight" are spammy, incorrect and/or inappropriate? If so, please let me know and I'd be happy to take the necessary action. I'll also look into the portrait issue. Thank you for pointing it out. Have a great day! Asad Butt, *~talk~*

comment by Ryne Landers

Saw your comment re: user Sunlight. I never understand the point of spamming those pages, because the links are NoFollow by default. I checked one of them right now, and they haven't been switched over to DoFollow. So, for whatever reason, the scammers decided to waste their time populating NoFollow'd pages. :-p Morons. :-)

comment by Asad Mahmood Butt

I've changed links on page to DoFollow, but can you add a bit more information regarding the website to the wiki section on this page? Thanks! Asad Butt, *~talk~*

comment by Asad Mahmood Butt

Hi Ellie. I notice that you've flagged as a possible malware site, but my browser is not giving me any indication to this effect. Can you please confirm that this is the case? Best, Asad | *~talk~*