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Because is the world's largest website directory, and our pages are editable (we're a wiki), external links on our site are NoFollow by default to deter spam... but they don't have to stay that way.

We decide to make links from good pages to good sites DoFollow after an editorial review. DoFollow links are the kind of backlinks that pass on SEO value to the website being linked to.

If you'd like us to consider making a page's links DoFollow, please create an informative page about the website on and let us know. And yes, this is totally free :-)

How to Create a Great AboutUs Page

After: an exemplary edited page
Before: an unedited page
  1. Go to your website's page by searching for it (like "") above.
  2. Create your free account (or sign in) so you can edit the page about your site.
  3. Click an edit pencil EditPencilSnapshot.png and start adding content.
  4. Make sure to add helpful information to all the sections. Don't forget:
  • contact info on the left
  • a unique description of the website (in your own words and that can't be found elsewhere on the Web) in the main Wiki section. (Tip: You can do much more than plain text here. See Wiki Editing Help for instructions.)
  • a logo at the top left (this will become another link to your site)
  • a short summary at the top where it says "click here to sum up this website"

For more ideas and instructions on how to create a great page, see Wiki Editing Help. You can also see examples of great AboutUs pages. Questions? Email us or call 1.503.488.5763.

Request a Review for DoFollow Links

Once you've edited and improved a page about a website, please email Don't forget to include a link to the page (or links to several pages) you'd like reviewed.

We will look at the edits you made to the page, and if they add valuable information for visitors and the page is complete (see bullet list above), we will look at the site it's about and links to. If we determine the site is reputable*, we'll remove the rel=nofollow attribute from the links on the page to make them "DoFollow".



  • Because we want to serve up good content and websites, we give pages with DoFollow links a big boost in our internal search algorithm.
  • If you go above and beyond and create an amazing page, we may include it as an example on Examples of Great AboutUs Pages which is linked to in our footer.

Occasionally Asked Questions

Is it free?

What about adult or iffy sites?
We do not award DoFollow links to adult websites, hate sites, websites with bad reputations that seem to be scams, etc.

My website isn't in English. What should I do with my site's page?
Whatever you like ;-) It probably makes sense to write about your website in your website's main language. It can be nice to include a short summary of the website in English, but you don't have to.

I do web design / SEO / marketing for clients. Can I create pages for my clients' websites?
Yes, absolutely! And you can use your one login to edit multiple website pages, so that's easy.

Questions? Email us or call 1.503.488.5763.

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