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About Me

Hi there! My name is Nyco Herzog.

I came to Portland in the summer of 2005 with my soul mate, Jared Herzog (you can call him Jed). Before that I lived in South Carolina, where I graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Industrial Technology Education. Jed and I love this city for its proactive tech community, political openness, and cultural diversity.

Some of my shining moments:

  • While in college I held a weekly tutoring session for student-athletes who were struggling with AutoCAD. It was me, in a computer lab, surrounded by as many as twenty football players who were at least twice my size. None of them failed the Computer-aided Design class we were taking together, though.
  • For eight months I was a shop girl at a comic book store. I have a box of collectible comic books and a ceramic bust of Optimus Prime to show for it.
  • I ran a movie-making contest while on staff at Clemson University. It was called "Lights, Camera, Clemson!" and was open to the entire University. If you search, I'm pretty sure you'll find the spoof a group of guys submitted to the judges. It was hilarious, but unfortunately had to be disqualified for not adhering to the contest guidelines.
  • Thanks to The Container Store I am an expert closet designer. If you need advice about how to make your long hang, short hang, shoes and chest of drawers fit into a six foot wide reach-in with sliding doors, talk to me.

Nowadays I work as Office Manager at AboutUs and periodically write articles for our Learn section. Once in a blue moon I'll update my blog,, though I'm an avid user of the Twitter micro-blogging service. Find me there or virtually anywhere conversation is happening. I go by NycoHerzog.