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A little about me...
I am an entrepreneur and own the startup company (search rentals). I use to help promote the rental industry and make it easier for consumers to find rental company's websites and their items for rent. is a valuable resource for cross-marketing complementary rental companies and service providers.

Most of my professional time is focused on SEO, inbound marketing, and social media network development for
RentItToday.comRent It Today along with an extensive list local and national rental companies.

When I'm not working...
I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and listening to music that jams. With two small children and a start up company, I do not find the time to go to the number of shows I use too, however I try not to miss quality "jam bands" when they play near-by.

Matt's 90 Gallon Reef TankMatt's 265 Gallon Malawi Cichlid Tank

Other hobbies that occupy my time are Fishing, Bird-Watching, Camping & Hiking, Astronomy (I'm an avid stargazer), Scottish History, and I'm into fish. I've kept & breed exotic African Cichlids from Lake Malawi for years and more recently have set up a reef tank.

C A T S CATS! CATS! CATS! - Go Big Blue

Kentucky Basketball Greatest of All Time
Anyone that knows me understands my passion for The University of Kentucky: Basketball and Football. I am a ridiculous & rather obsessive UK fan...own a nice UK memorabilia collection (most of which was acquired as a result of my time spent as a professional student on UK's campus from 1993 - 2001). Go CATS!!!

I also own a company CaliParti LLC, that sells Kentucky T-shirts. My partners and I enjoy interacting with UK fans, especially on Caliparti's 3188364f61a5caec6cea3db52bd7ee92.png: [}}} Facebook] "fan" page.

My Scottish Highlands Heritage

Clan MacTavish Thompson Tartans.png
MacTavish Is Here!

Matthew wearing Clan MacTavish Scottish Highland Tartan
My ancestors are from the Scottish Highlands and I have recently started studying my families history and genealogy. I am a proud member and serve on the Board of Directors of Clan MacTavish, an ancient Scottish Highlands Clan -

My Great Great Great Grandfather, George Stephenson, came to the United States from the Aberdineshire Scotland region.

My mother's side of the family is "Scotch-Irish", labeled unruly, and forced to leave Scotland and migrate to Ireland in the 1600's. They soon after came to North America around the time of the French and Indian War, and settled the Sandy Mountain River Valley in Louisa, Kentucky.

Non oblitus - "Not forgotten"


Stephenson sept Clan MacTavish Tartan.png
Stephenson is a Sept of Clan MacTavish. While we have direct ties to a variety of ancient Scottish Clans, generally one follows their patriarchal lineage and since Stephenson is a Sept or family of the MacTavish we became members or in a sense already were MacTavish by default.
Scotland the brave.png

Contact or Connect with Me

You may also contact me here at User talk:Matt Stephenson and find my contact information on Rent It Today's AboutUs page I can also be reached on any of's Company social media networks, as a result of managing many of them...It's safe to say that I'm not hard to reach online.

If you ever have any questions about my wiki edits on please contact me User talk:Matt Stephenson

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