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The University Of California was built in the 1950’s, to accommodate the needs of the growing number of students post World War II. It started operating from 1965 onwards, with 1,589 students, 43 teaching assistants, 119 faculty members, and 241 staff members. The first chancellor of this university Sir Daniel G. Aldrich was the one to develop its academic plan for the first time, including an Engineering school, a Graduate School of Administration a College of Letters, Science and arts.

He also ensured that the school, with its motto ‘Fiat Lux ("Let There Be Light")’, has rich flora and fauna, so as to serve the purpose of educating students in an aesthetic environment. He believed that studying and living in nature will help the students to develop further, it is only amidst nature that the human mind develops and realizes its true potential.

The University

Today the University of California Irvine stands proud in its suburban campus, having won a national acclaim, for its academics, and the university’s well known status as a research university (for public research). Also In such short time of its life span , University of California Irvine has made its way to being ranked as the ‘44th Best University in the United States’ and the ’10th Best Public University In the United States’.

It is in fact, owing to its fast growing popularity and success, that this university, popularly referred to as UCI and sometimes also as Anteater, has now become the well known cultural and educational center of the orange country.


University of California Irvine, with its fourth-best ‘University of California campus’ as according to the U.S. News & World Report, is also one of the most selective universities on the applicants and students admitted ratio. For instance, in the year 2006, only 4,800 out of 38,426 applicants were enrolled. Here a candidate is admitted after taking into consideration his/her academic potential, personal situation, extracurricular activities, community involvement, etc, and of course after taking into account the candidate’s high school records, entrance examination scores and personal statements.

Academic Programs

University of California Irvine operates sixty eight programs for the undergraduate degree, fifty three for the minors, forty five for master’s degree, and forty three for doctorates (which includes two Ph.D., as well as one M.D. program).

Some of the most popular freshman courses offered by the University of California Irvine include Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Arts, Social Ecology Information and Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences, Health Sciences, etc.

Student Body

The student body consists of students coming form various regions of the world. It consist of over 53.1% Asian/Asian-American students, about 25.9% Caucasian/White students. The rest of the students mostly have a Mexican-American, or Spanish-American, or African-American and American Indian origin. The students coming from all over the world, belonging to different cultures and backgrounds lend a unique cultural atmosphere to the university.

However, this university is not solely a center for academics. The Anteaters are regarded as one of the most successful teams, who have performed quite successfully in various athletic tournaments, since the last few decades.

The University of California, Irvine, is also a place where students can enjoy the life of quiet college town, also with numerous opportunities to have an exciting and vibrant social life as well. With its strong personality and campus spirit, University of California, Irvine, is surely a ‘dream come true’ place for any student.





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