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Turkish American Cultural Association of Michigan, founded in 1972, follows the philosophy of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Turkish Republic, who stated: "Culture is the foundation of the Turkish Republic." His view of culture encompassed the nation's creative legacy as well as the best values of world civilization. It stressed personal and universal humanism. "Culture," he said, " is a basic element in being a person worthy of humanity," and described Turkey's ideological thrust as "a creation of patriotism blended with a lofty humanist ideal." Thus, TACAM wants to instill this philosophy into all Turkish-Americans living in Michigan. The purpose of this association (TACAM) is to foster, promote, plan and execute programs aimed at improving the economic, social, educational, religious, general welfare and other humanitarian activities of the Turkish community in the State of Michigan and elsewhere.

Turkish American Cultural Association of Michigan's programs include promoting Turkish-Americans living within Michigan. To promote cultural independence, to provide social function gatherings, to provide educational workshops in the community, and political awareness. TACAM sponsors cultural events that educate the Michigan community.

To conduct research or support such activities in social and cultural fields; to promote Turkey, Turkish people and Turkish tradition through publications; to conduct educational projects and seminars; publish newsletters and articles toward the same objectives. To conduct seminars and/or open houses to promote Turkish music, folklore, and art. Enlighten the public by presenting the facts in case of misrepresentation of subjects concerning Turkey and Turkish people.

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Farmington Hills MI
United States 48333-3445

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