The free Offer

The following domains are offered for FreeGainSharing, based on TrueAuthorCredit as a SocialDomaining initiative within the framework of WikiNomics:


The concept behind the domain name

StocksAtHome targets a hybrid neural network application

for automatic stocks trading, involving an
* arbitrary sized community of collaborative investors, and
* OpenSource Software, similar to that of the SetiAtHome project

StocksAtHome technologically builds on

proven OpenSource, that powers the project:
G BOINC, G GridSoftware and Software to be developed by OpenSource

StocksAtHome socially builds on the

  • market sentiments of the participants, that are sensed continually by the system as a G SocialGuessingGame, that produces enough data for automatic stocks daytrading. By Googling for SocialGuessingGame, I found

a forum , in which the participants try to guess the outcome of a domain auction. I guess, that more searching let us find even better analogies and inspirations, how to guess and bet and especially, how to incentivize broader participation.




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