FreeGainSharing is an innovative marketing technique of G OpenBusiness applied to G SocialDomaining within the Framework of G WikiNomics .


It runs like this:

Entrepreneur A holds a public domainfolio and a list of all public transactions, that include all his involved buys and sells.

A offers domains to interested potential buyers B1,B2,B3, ... for zero acquisition and transaction costs. This offer is to buyers, who want to resell the domains for profit.

A offers these domains in domaining friendly, inter-networked communities, in our case G and G

All interested parties "apply" in a public conversation, where they have ample space to show their best qualities as contributors in their respective communities, blogs, forums and beyond.

A selects the applicant B, whom s/he deemed as the most appropriate one.

B gets transferred the offered domain(s) for free. In return s/he pledges to share the acquisition costs and gains when reselling it.

The whole process is documented in public domainportfolios and public transactions of both WikiNomics entrepreneurs A and B.

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