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A breathtaking GoogleScreenShot shows how the Google AI honors the trend to OpenBusiness concepts for a social web, as discussed in the Meatball wiki. Meatball is now on the top page of millions of search entries.

Some minutes later, I got the following result.

Was it a friendly signal by some higher power, or simply a glitch. Therefore I urgently ask you to check the current search result via G OpenBusiness and make your own screenshots.

Sometimes I experienced differences between millions.

Does somebody know, how Google now gives special influence of wiki relevance in their ranking algorithm?

-- Fridemar


OpenBusiness generalizes the worldwide OpenSource movement.

While OpenSource invites everyone to participate on the WealthGenerator OpenSource, OpenBusiness goes one step further:

It opens the Wealth generating System, that underlies business, to everyone (in principle :-).

OpenBusiness is Business, where as much Business participation as possible is open to the public.

  • involved Software (OpenSource)
  • financial statements (as e.g. in public stocks)
    • involved persons
    • assets
  • transactions ( rarely seen, pioneers wanted )
  • tax declarations ( in Sweden ?)

Its ultimate goal is CreatingAndSharingWealth in a worldwide SocialCommonWealth.


  • stimulating creativity in art, science and technology
  • drastical reduction of costs due to WorkInPublic
  • attractive for creative people from all over the world such as the CreativeCommons and beyond.
  • reducing social tensions by overcoming the gap between haves and have nots

fridemar 15:48, 2 November 2007 (PDT)

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