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I have lived in the state of Washington since 1987, but was originally born and raised in South Dakota, which I still call "home." I am a product of the 40's, grew up in the 50's, and was married and a young mother by the 60's.

I have written, in one way or another, about most of my life, and since January of 1999, learned how to make web pages in which I have included much of my poetry and prose, mainly about life experiences (mine and other's), situations - some good, some not-so-good, causes I believe in, realities of life, and a few . . . well, maybe a lot . . . of my "soapbox" opinions.

I have a large immediate and extended family, and have honored and shared my love and thoughts about some of them on my web pages.

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Vancouver WA
United States 98661
+1 (360) 798-3526

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