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Description is the leader in remotely-hosted site search and navigation. It pioneered the field by providing the first remotely-hosted site search tool in 1998. Since then it has stayed well ahead of "me too" imitators by providing a superior product and by extending the range of services offered. is a customer-oriented company that is always taking steps to ensure that our services exceed customer expectations. We receive a steady flood of emails indicating that we succeed very well in this area.



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Additional Information

Language customization

FreeFind allows for language customization. Help pages in German can be found here:

FreeFind German Help Files.ZIP

Highlighting FreeFind search results

FreeFind presents the locations of the search strings with links to the corresponding pages. With the help of some scripting the search strings can be highlighted on the retrieved pages. For details and German help files see:

German Help and Highlighting FreeFind Search Results.HTML

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