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>> Need help with RocketMail? Click here. started about the same time as in the early 1990s as a free email provider. Hotmail and RocketMail jockeyed to become the #1 free web-based email service. During the early to mid '90s, most people had only the email address given to them by their Internet service provider (ISP). So a free, web-based email service like was a novel idea.

YahooLogo.png was acquired by Yahoo! in 1997. Between 1997 and 2008 people could not create new email addresses ending in

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abdd12b5fb6b094ad1d562cd313c3290.png: [}}} GetSatisfaction] email addresses available again

People using were able to keep their email addresses after Yahoo acquired But people signing up for a new email account at Yahoo weren't able to get a email address from 1997 until June 2008. Yahoo changed its policy on email addresses in 2008. Now you can get a new Yahoo email account showing the address, or

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