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This website, created in the summer of 2001, provides free information about Rambus. Because the Rambus story is complex (involving high-tech, patents, litigation, power, money and business fortunes - as well as corruption at the highest levels), discussions about Rambus continue to be controversial. Due to Rambus deserving a much better public opinion than it currently holds, the opinions given on this website at times reflect a pro-Rambus stance. This company, which is all about innovation and creativity on the leading edge of mankind, has contributed to the entire semiconductor boom over the last two decades. Rambus' chip-to-chip connections are found in PC main memory, hard drives, networking, latest consumer electronics (Xbox, PlayStation, HDTV), supercomputers and even in cell phones and cars. Lots of companies are already licensing Rambus' products and patents, but there are still some infringing companies out there trying to avoid or delay payments (especially Micron, Hynix and Samsung). Most of them find themselves losing market share... Please have a look at The Rambus Story for more information. Thanks.

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