QuadCooler.com is a platform to cool your laptop.

The QuadCooler Laptop Cooler

The QuadCooler - A plastic rectangular platform designed to cool a laptop or notebook computer. It has 4 built-in fans and is powered by the laptop itself via a USB cable.

What is a laptop cooler?

A laptop cooler is a device that is external to the laptop or notebook computer and reduces the overall operating tempature of the portable computer. A typical laptop cooler consists of a rectangular platform with 2 or more fans. However, a laptop cooler does not have to have fans nor does it have to be rectangular.

What is a QuadCooler?

The QuadCooler is basically a rectangular platform (constructed of sturdy ABS plastic) designed to sit underneath your laptop or notebook computer. The platform by itself provides an "air gap" that allows air to flow under the laptop. Even if you don't have a laptop cooler, you can use a large book or a flat panel of wood between you and your laptop, but the QuadCooler is lighter than most big books and it has nice rounded corners and beveled edges. Now in addition to just providing a platform, the QuadCooler also features 4 built-in fans or "Quad Fans" that draw the warm air down and into the platform and out the sides (air exhaust ports) and into the surrounding atmosphere. Now you're probably wondering, “Where do these fans get their power?” Well, the fans are actually powered by a special little cable (included) that plugs into any available USB port on your laptop computer. Therefore, you can pack the QuadCooler in with your laptop and be on your "portable" way. Note: The QuadCooler works best with laptops/notebooks that fit within the dimensions of the QuadCooler (10.5" x 12.8")

One Tough Laptop Cooler

Click on the link below to watch the QuadCooler get run over by a pickup truck. The truck stops and parks on top of the QuadCooler, but the QuadCooler does not buckle under the weight of the vehicle. Therefore, if the QuadCooler can support a pickup truck, then surely it can handel even the biggest laptop or notebook computers.

On the Subject of Hot Laptops

So what happens in the case where just let the laptop overheat? Well, the computer will usually just lock up or crash, but what happens if you approach CPU meltdown? You can research what others have written on the subject. Click on the following link to get you started.

What is QuadCooler TV

QuadCooler TV is the official YouTube Channel for QuadCooler.com. It is a place to catch all the latest and greatest QuadCooler videos as well as laptop and notebook computer videos and other technology videos. We even have our very own web address that points directly to QuadCooler TV - http://youtube.com/quadcooler

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