- Provides an alternative to the touchpad on laptop computers


Rolee Polee handheld trackball pointing device suitable for most computers

May help relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Tennis Elbow pain

Product Description

The Rolee Polee is basically just a hand held trackball that allows you to control your computer without the need for a mousepad or a desktop for that matter. Therefore, it gives your wrist a break from normal mouse operations. In addition, it lets you to sit a little bit further from your computer monitor and the radiation it emits. The Rolee Polee is powered by the USB connection and is compatible with most laptop, notebook, or desktop computers.


Rolee Polee Handheld Trackball

Additional Information

There has been much research and much written about the subject of carpal tunnel syndrome and how it relates to computer use especially in the area of the computer mouse. Click on the following link to get you started.

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