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Agape (Love) is a personal component arising not as quickly as Eros (Sex); it guarantees long-term mutual feelings being only strengthened in the course of time. Agape makes it possible to add to the erotic attraction the feeling of respect, trust and mutual responsibility. If after 3-4 months your man does not propose marriage it means he feels neither trust not respect to your personality, neither responsibility for you. That�s why it�s better not to aggravate the situation. If Agape is not formed then the relationship will be broken sooner or later.

Dear Lady, you have made yourself certain for many times from your own experience and experience of the other people how much sufferings Eros (passion) to a man gives on the parting if this relationship was rather long and the emotional dependence was formed!

You may ask: �How do you know there was only Eros (passion), without Agape?� This question contains a conflict. Since the showings of Agape are respect and responsibility then both people having these feelings simply are not able to part. Why? If besides Eros (sexual attraction) respect and trust for each other are present than either a woman or man (what is more important) have no other road but only to marriage. Registration of marriage is not only a stamp in the passport but the act of the greatest trust and responsibility of two people. In Agape there is no place for selfishness, tampering, intrigues, accounts and so no. Agape is the Supreme spiritual part of the sexual love. Thanks to it a human being differs in its nature from an animal since he is able to form a marriage couple for all the life (however, monogamy is also not a rarity in the animal world) and to experience during so many years the feeling of importance, necessity, exclusiveness, stability and safety so required for him in the couple. If being in the couple you feel diffidence, fear for the relationship in future, jealousy and so on but you can�t imagine life apart that we can state with regret that in your feelings Eros prevails. Agape was either not formed at all or is in the residual phase.

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