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925-363-6600 is a disconnected number. The namesecure website does not have any phone numbers anywhere. All responses are handled via webform to avoid giving you their email address. Namesecure webforms auto respond with useless information with no followup. A word to the wise: Do not use companies that hide from you once they get your money.

Although I am for transparency and OpenBusiness, I have not had unsolved problems with this registrar, who is not a reseller and offers free DoItYourself modification of the registrant accounts (for lowcost domain-transfer). Their Email-address came after my first transaction with them. Big advantage, lowcost and fast buying without being hampered by masses of interspersed ads as experienced on the site of many other competitors. Thank you anyhow for the information. --fridemar 18:16, 25 February 2008 (PST)
Comment by Osvaldo Mauro
NameSecure acting ILLEGALLY agains our CHARITY domain

NameSecure provides no phone number on their website. Moreover, requests for information through their contact form are ignored. I agree with the first poster -- do not have dealing with companies that hide once they have your money.

Namesecure is acting illegally against our child charity organization domain to not make us transfer the domain from them. It gives wrong transfer codes and after two attempts blocks any further attempt and put the domain has expiring eve n if it is not.

Cannot obtain any answer from support, impossible to contact them!

Comment by MrAngy
They do not respond to postal messages, email or phone calls

As far as I can tell no one has had any luck getting their domain moved from this company. it is amazing that they have the audacity to carry on trading.

It is though they're web site is running on its own automatically, taking people's money but any humans involved have long since abandoned it while the money accumulates in a bank account, and the complaints pile up in a mail box!
It is advisable to use real name while writing a review for a company. Best, Asad | *~talk~* 23:55, 10 January 2009 (PST)

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