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We, J-Net Web Consulting, are a web hosting provider that can provide access to you, for your web site. Every site, or page, that you visit on the Internet has a hosting provider or some type of Web Server. The hosting provider allows "space" for you to place your pictures, ideas, products, and designs on the web.

Nothing is worse than spending thousands of dollars to develop a site, then hearing complaints from customers about slowness, or server outages. Your hosting service should have at least two high speed connections (T1 or T3) to the Internet. In these days of power shortages, having backup generators is a must. We provide these for you. Read about our network here.

Not every website is designed with the same idea in mind. We know that some of our customers like to have their own "personal" site just for information and pictures. Other customers have their own "small business" sites that provide information, share data and generate cash flow. At J-Net Web Consulting, we offer several packages to accommodate every customer. If you can not find a package that suits your needs, just ask us and we will create a special package just for you! Check out our plans here.

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