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Wow, how fast a year has gone by!! We (Ben and Sunil) can clearly remember our first conversation, both of us a little lonely, both of us been out for a little while, comfortable with who we were, both wanting to share our experiences, both of us wanting to take an active role in our community and both of us with a little time on our hands. The idea was to start a website where GLBT people could meet, talk to each other and help each other.

Being Indian and gay made us different. We were faced with a whole different set of issues which were fairly different from our gay American friends. It was amazing how alike our experiences were, and how much we had in common. So we met with all good intentions of working on this site. Well, one thing led to another, before we knew it, we were spending a lot of time together and decided to move into an apartment together. It’s been over a year and now here we are, ready to launch this site.

This site is currently new and will continue to evolve with suggestions from people. We hope that people will find this site useful.



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