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This website addresses to teenagers all around the world. supplies website building services to youngsters who want to have a website of their own. is up and running since 1995, offering site building, blog building, photo album building and printing assistance to all those kids who want to boast with their own domain. Having a personal website is popular among teenagers as well, and it has a lot to do with their image, adding a plus of fame to their personality. is a helping hand for all teens.

Angelfire options

There are several options on this site, some of them are completely free, and some of them will charge a small amount (starting from a $4.95 monthly fee). If you want your page to be free from ads, then it will cost you a few dollars a month, but you will benefit of more space, a personal domain name, POP/IMAP e-mail and other web mail tools. There are several plans available; you can choose the one that is the most suitable for your needs. The plan finder will also lend you a hand in picking the right option. You will have to answer some questions related to your website needs and you will get guidance in which plan to choose. Find out whether you need a Neon, Argon, Xenon or Krypton.

Building your free website

If you only want to have some fun while having a website, there are a lot of options that are free of charge, including blog, photo album, and site building tools plus 20MB disk space. There will be the inconvenience of having ads on your personal website, but if you can overlook these, you will benefit of an excellent free plan. You have nothing to lose, you can test having your own website for free, and see what it feels like. You will be among the coolest teenagers in the school. The latest features of this website include the desktop blog editor and the poem publishing device, so if you are a writer- to-be, you can launch your ideas for free on The website also gives you the opportunity to browse through the member sites on various topics such as sports, science, arts, business, shopping, computer, games, kids and teens or news.

Easy to use

You can give a quick search on the web by entering a few keywords on the top of your page. Get your ideas for your homework and essays by finding thorough documentation through this website. On the top of the main page, you will also fins a quick search, so that you don’t waste any more time, and get exactly to the details you are interested in on this website. This website is specially designed for teenagers, and just by looking at the front page you will know that it is intended for youngsters. There are no ads on this website, except for the supporting sponsor Lycos, which makes it possible for teenagers to get their individual websites for free.


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"Offering easy ways for teens to build a website, blog or photo albums is a large part of the appeal."

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