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Building the right links to your website

Backlinks are important for driving more traffic to a website. Links from other websites provide a direct path to the site for anyone who clicks on them. Backlinks from reputable websites can improve a site's SEO (search engine optimization) and boost its ranking in search engine results. That means more people may find the site when searching for its keywords.

Link Building Tactics To Avoid

  • Submitting your website to thousands of "SEO-friendly directories"
  • Leaving comments on dozens of blogs, just to get a link
  • Buying links for PageRank
  • Swapping links with just anyone
  • Using automated link building tools that promise great results for a low cost
  • Creating tons of profile pages on third-party websites, just for the links

Link Building Tactics that Work

  • Creating great content on your website that others want to talk about
  • Offering a good product or service that people will recommend to others
  • Submitting to relevant, high quality directories
  • Asking website and blog owners who have mentioned you, but haven't linked to you, to link
  • Networking with influential people in your industry
  • Regularly contributing to relevant discussions, forums or blogs
  • Plain old marketing

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