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Want to master search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO? Check out the SEO Book Training Program.

Founded by Aaron Wall, offers a comprehensive online training program that includes more than 100 training modules, articles, video tutorials, working examples and more.


The SEO Book Training program focuses on core SEO topics:

The SEO Book Training Program is used and recommended by independent web professionals and webmasters across the United States. Prominent websites that endorse the SEO Book Training Program include,, and

About SEO

SEO refers to the process of refining a website's content and architecture to make it more easily "seen" by search engines. Webmasters, site builders and online marketers pay special attention to how search engines receive and catalog (or index) information on the websites they design and maintain. SEO professionals strive to have their site appear as one of the first three links to be returned in search engine results.

Search engine rank has a direct impact on traffic to a website. Increased traffic can boost ad revenue and other elements that determine a site's profitability.


Any SEO professional who wants to optimize his or her website to improve its search engine rank needs more than a basic understanding of how search engines work. The SEO pro also needs to continually augment his or her expertise in the use of SEO tools. That's where the SEO Book Training Program comes in.

The SEO Book Training Program


Professionals who sign up for the SEO Book Training Program get instant access to more than 100 training modules, plus:

  • Informative articles
  • How-to videos
  • SEO tools and checklists
  • An SEO glossary
  • And much more

SEOBook Training Program students can participate in SEO Book forums, where SEO professionals share tips for increasing website sales, profitability and site performance.

SEO practices taught by the SEO Book Training Program include keyword research, page optimization and site indexing.

The SEO Book Training Program is designed for both first-time webmasters and seasoned marketers. Training costs are 100 percent refundable if a student is not satisfied.

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SEO Book CEO Aaron Wall offers SEO and SEM consultation to corporate clients. He can be reached at


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