offers tips and resources on link marketing

About deals with a relatively new and for the most part unexplored territory of link marketing. The website is run by Debra Mastaler who is credited with coining the term "link marketing". Debra Mastaler is the president of Alliance-Link, a company offering customized link marketing campaigns as well as training to its clients.

What is Link Marketing?

The terms link marketing and link building are usually thought of as meaning the same thing. However, they refer to two entirely different approaches to Internet marketing and visibility. Link marketing is a highly tactical approach to link building in which opportunities for co-operation between seemingly similar or even competing online entities are explored. The objective for this co-operation could be link exchange or simply additional revenue.

As a pioneer in the field, Debra Mastaler explains the concept behind link marketing through She also offers tips and resources on how companies can benefit from this innovative approach to Internet marketing.


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