Call for Helpers

For people who are interested in linking the wiki world in AboutUs by maintaining the InterWiki table, let a System Administrator know you are interested in helping.

Please make suggestions

Please make suggestions here, (if you are a wiki, please simply add it to your or Category:WikiIndex page).

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What is an link?

What made the internet possible is that Tim Berners-Lee figured out how pages could link to each other using a web browser. That code looks like One of the wonderful things about wiki is that internal linking, links to pages within a wiki, is simple. See WikiLink for information on how to do that. The really cool think about a lot of wikis is that you easily link to each other by InterWiki links, preferably by BiLinks.

See MeatballWiki the one to maintain an InterWikiMap

Tip for InterWiki linking

If you want to display the name of your InterWiki link without the name of the wiki preceding it, use the pipe character with nothing after it.


Example: [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia]] would display Wikipedia:Wikipedia, but [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia|]] will display: Wikipedia.


Alternatively, what about doing Interwiki links for all of these? I've set up FortWiki in our interwiki database. Even though I know the people at Fort Wiki already know how to do it (since John's the one who taught me), let me give an example for any community member wanting to learn: FortWiki:Fort goes to the Fort page on Naturally, you can magic pipe if you like so that fort just shows the word "fort".



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