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What is it

We are looking for an organization, that offers worldwide free micro-transactions for the 200 million OLPC kids and their partners.

At the same time this page offers sharing domain acquisition costs, development and gain of those domains (i.e. G SocialDomaining), targeted for the

  • solution-provider or
  • intermediary venture capital to foster the solution.

See also G FreeGainSharing.


The Wiki is a treasure and Google is a real treasure finder.

New innovative ideas and concepts in the Web are recognized literally in minutes.

Google detects and honors innovative ideas and communities

The author only mentioned the idea on User_Talk:RayKing with other innovative ideas and in no-time Google presented it on top of over 13 million hits as can be seen on the following screenshot:


Make offer for the three domains or let's share them by G FreeGainSharing


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Test Access to this page and see what Google has to say about it


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