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Mozilla Firefox is the free open-source browser developed by the Mozilla community. This browser is the primary competitor of Internet Explorer, and is considered superior by most educated users and experts. Lacking ActiveX support, complete integration with the operating system, and other inherent security vulnerabilities, Firefox is a very secure browser. In addition, discovered security flaws are usually fixed relatively quickly. Firefox also has phishing detection features built into it, and anti-spyware safeguards are also standard. If your browser does lock up, you can use the restore session feature to put you back where you were in a snap.

The Firefox browser is highly customizable using hundreds of skins, plugins, extensions, and themes. There are plugins that help you increase your security while browsing, change the way Firefox looks, or add functionality to Firefox. Firefox also features tabbed browsing, a feature that is just plain convenient and simplifies browsing multiple sites or pages. It also includes built in spell checking on text in form fields.

Firefox also features a full featured built in search bar that supports dozens of different search engines.

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