Consensus Polling is an online decision-making process that allows groups to make creative decisions that just about everyone feels good about, resulting in decisions that last. Consensus polling allows everyone to work together to craft a collaborative solution, instead of merely advising the decision-making body. Consensus polling leaves communities feeling "whole," and avoids the conflict so common in other methods.

Participants have the power to "tweak" the group’s agenda or objectives to their liking. The high degree of transparency and ability of participants to act encourages new members to join the group. Consensus Polling is a big improvement over static terms of engagement and a voting process that too often leaves members feeling powerless, disinterested, and unengaged in a solution.

Consensus polling is not voting. Instead of casting votes ConsensusPollParticipants ask themselves, "Is this document done?" and set their status to either YES or NotYet . The document and people's statuses both change over time until an agreement is reached (generally 90% YES ).

Why does consensus polling work?

  • The decisions made through consensus polling are almost unanimous.
  • The process takes place in the open, where everyone can see what's happening and how it is progressing.
  • Participants are the decision-makers.

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