Our waterproof ponchos come with a zippered opening similar to a jacket, allowing you to put it on like a jacket instead of over your head. With its' tapered design it is both stylish and less bulky, does not come with a hood (removable hood sold separately) and are available in 5 sizes for adults which are determined by your height.

  1. Small - 3'10" to 4'4" (1160 mm to 1320 mm)
  2. Medium - 4'4" to 5'2" (1320 mm to 1575 mm)
  3. Large (Adult) 5'2" to 5'10" (1575 mm to 1780 mm)
      (fits people up to 3XL)
  4. X-Large (Adult) 5'2" to 5'10" (1575 mm to 1780 mm)
     (fits people 4XL to 6XL)
  5. Extra Tall Large(Adult) - 5'10" and up (1780 mm and up)
     (10 inches longer than size "Large" and fits people up to 3XL)

Extra Tall Ponchos are 10 inches longer in length than size "Large". (Adult)

We have also just started to add "kids" Ponchos to our list of products.

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